The following pages contain links to Micro SD card images and sources. If you need support go to our wiki or forums where you can consult the MarsBaord community that will help you answer any questions you have.

marsboard am335x software is open source. you can download all document, includes source code, SDK, images, datasheet, etc, in this FTP server.

Often times it is useful to write the image of the kernel and rootfs for your device into a permanent storage media such as eMMC flash or SD card.

Angstrom LXDE Desktop

The Angstrom Distribution is an embedded Linux distribution used widely on TI-based embedded boards like the BeagleBoard and PandaBoard. More info here

Mirror: MarsBoard-AM335X-TF-3.5GB-Angstrom-HDMI-2015.06.20-v1.1.img.7z
Release Date: 2015-06-20
Release Version: 1.1

Debian Wheezy 7.5 LXDE Desktop

Debian is an operating system composed of free software mostly carrying the GNU General Public License. The operating system is developed by an internet collaboration of volunteers aligned with The Debian Project. More info here

Mirror: MarsBoard-AM335X-eMMC-2GB-Debian-7.5-HDMI-2015.06.20-v1.1.img.7z
Mirror: MarsBoard-AM335X-TF-4GB-Debian-7.5-HDMI-2015.06.20-v1.1.img.7z
Release Date: 2015-06-20
Release Version: 1.1
Advanced users can start from the sources and compile their own OS. This procedure is for real expert users so if you don't feel confident about using sources we suggest you to use the SD image or Nand image method.
Mirror: Angstrom uboot & kernel source code
Mirror: Debian uboot & kernel source code

Here you can find all the drivers and any kind of tools you need.

Serial Driver

The driver for the j11 MicroUSB port (serial port) that allows the correct communication between your external computer and marsboard.we suggest you to follow this procedure about How to Setting Serial debug tools for MarsBoard

Mirror:USB to UART driver

Here you can find all the available resources about MarsBaord AN335X.


Mirror:CM-AM335X-V2 schematics - PDF
Mirror:SIM-AM335X-V1.1 schematics - PDF